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Optimizing Control of Syringe Dispensing

Controlling the amount of liquid deposited is critical in applications where there is “Keep-Out-Zones” present. This new article will demonstrate dispensing applications where the required motion accuracy can only be achieved with a closed loop control architecture (position feedback).

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Automated Packaging

Techniques That Improve Your Equipment Performance

TENSIONING – GEARING - CAMMING - In this article we will review three widely used motion control techniques: web tension control, proportional material spacing, and CAM-based synchronized profiling.

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Juno Velocity and Torque ICs
Optimize Step Motors

Keep Your Step Motor in Position with a Closed Loop Step Motor Control System

Step motors are a common solution for controlling the position of moving components, but in some cases can be inadequate since the motor position is not necessarily known. Even though step motors are inexpensive when compared to brushless motors, in many critical applications, care has to be taken to ensure that when a command is given to the step motor controller, the motor actually ends up where the user wants it to go. In this article, we will look at each motor control design option and provide an in-depth review of a new closed loop motion control system.

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Atlas Motion Amplifiers

Atlas® Digital Amplifiers Can Now Be Used with Third Party Microprocessors

Featuring the highest power density in the industry, Atlas Digital Amplifiers can now communicate through SPI with other FPGAs, digital signal processors or general-purpose micro-processors.

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Magellan Positioning ICs

Embedded Advisor Performance Motion Devices Selected As A Top Medical Devices, Design & Solutions Provider

Performance Motion Devices is proud to be recognized by Embedded Advisor in its 2018 Top 20 Design & Solutions Providers to the medical device industry.

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