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Highlights and Archives of Motion Control News

Motion Control News

Precision Fluid Handling, Motion Control for Healthcare Robotics, and More

Dive into a white paper on precision fluid handling, a webinar on healthcare robotics, a detailed overview of the MC58113 IC, plus more motion control resources.

Precision Fluid Pumping

Precision Fluid Handling: It's All In The Pump

Pumps that move liquid precisely are at the heart of many medical applications. Get an understanding of what types of fluid pumps will work best in your machine design.

Healthcare Robotics

Motion Control for Healthcare Robotics Applications

This webinar highlights linear actuators, key concepts of force control, algorithms, and filters, and the main challenges of motion robotics in the healthcare world.

Single-axis Motor Controller

Have you met our popular single-axis MC58113 motion control IC?

Magellan MC58113 ICs are complete single axis motion controllers that provide trajectory generation, programmable breakpoints, advanced performance trace, and many other motion control functions. 

Motion Control News

Closed Loop Stepper, Multi-axis Motion Control Chipset, and More

Get insight into a new motion control technique that delivers servo performance at a step motor cost. Meet our Magellan multi-axes ICs plus more!

Principles of Motor Selection

Principles of Motor Selection

Trying to decide what electric motor(s) are best for your new machine design? Stop here. This paper outlines requirements and presents the features of various step and servo motors.

Force Control in Actuators

Force Control in Actuators and Robot End Effectors

Specific servo actuators function as end effectors such as robotic arms and gantries. This paper details the capabilities and properties that will ensure that your next application delivers the goods without dropping the ball! 

New Single Axis Drive Provides Servo Control

New Single Axis Drive Provides Profile Generation, Servo Control, and Downloadable User Code

ION/CME 500 Digital Drives provide ultra-efficient digital amplification with programmable intelligence in a compact rugged package for control of Brushless DC, DC Brush, and step motors.

Motion Control News December 2022

Motion Control News - December 2022

Get insight into force control in actuators, principles of motor selection, designing a low cost, high speed BLDC motor controller, our ION/CME 500, and more.

Motion Control Solutions

Motion Control News - April 2022

In this issue, motion control design choices (Build vs Buy), new single-axis ICs with profile generation and servo control, and how using a digital current loop will quiet step motor noise.

Low Cost High Speed Brushless DC Motor Drive

Low Cost High Speed Brushless DC Motor Drive

Spinning BLDC motors efficiently at high speed is the core requirement for many end applications. Learn how we helped deliver high-speed in a compact package and at a low cost.

Build vs Buy Motion Controller

Build vs Buy Of A Three Axis Motion Controller

This paper looks at building vs buying a three axis PCB-based positioning motion controller. It examines the motion control design effort and cost.


Digital Current Loop Significantly Quiets Step Motor Noise

This paper details how a digital current loop will result in a significantly quieter, faster running, and lower temperature motor operation which is beneficial in many applications.

Motion Control News

Motion Control News - November 2021

In this issue, we dig deep into feedforward and how it will improve your machine performance. That, and so much more!

Feedforward in Motion Control

Feedforward in Motion Control - Vital for Improving Positioning Accuracy

Even if your PID settings are carefully optimized, the motion at the end effector is never perfect. This paper looks at feedforward and how it delivers accuracy and smoothness.

June 2021 Motion Control News

Motion Control News - June 2021

In this issue, we introduce you to our new ultra-compact PCB-mountable digital drive, share examples of how to build a 3-axis gantry, and more.

Motion Control Newsletter

Motion Control News - December 2020

In this issue, we tackle the challenges with small motion control machine designs, servo motor tuning, a deep dive into FOC, and more.

Motion Control News August 2020

Motion Control News - August 2020

In this issue, introducing a new motion control board with UDPM, motion control problems with portable automation and mobile robotics designs, ISO 13485 certification, and more.