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New Control Technique Combines Servo Performance With Step Motor Cost

When it comes to step motors, a new drive technique called stepper servo has some engineers believing they have found the holy grail of positioning motion control - the high performance of a servo motor with the low cost of a step motor. In this article we will explore the benefits and limitations of the stepper servo control technique, also called closed loop stepper, and explain why it is attracting serious attention from machine designers.

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Low Cost ICs Provide Advanced Velocity Control

New Low Cost ICs Provide Advanced Velocity Control of Servo Motors

The Juno MC71113, MC73113, and MC78113 are newly released ICs that provide velocity control of 3-phase Brushless DC and DC Brush motors with advanced features such as PI velocity loop control, programmable velocity estimation, dual biquad filtering, shunt regulation, deadband filtering, FOC (Field Oriented Control), and more.

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My Servo Motor Is Making A Lot of Noise

Part of our article series Common Motion Control Problems and How to Solve Them

A noisy or chattering servo axis is perhaps the single most common motion problem that engineers encounter when building their DC Brush or Brushless DC motor-based machine. This is not only annoying but can cause increased wear and tear on the motor and downstream mechanisms. The problem can occur both when the servo motor is holding position, and when it is moving - although the sound characteristic may be different for each of these conditions.

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Mathematics of Motion Profiles

Mathematics of Motion Control Profiles

Trajectory generation techniques such as 7-segment S-curve profiles, asymmetric acceleration and deceleration, continuous contouring, and electronic CAMming are standard features in modern machine design. They provide engineers the tools they need to make controlled loads move faster and more efficiently. This paper will take you through the mathematics of motion profiles, discuss which profiles work best for which applications, and provide insights into how modest changes in the profile athematics-motion-control-2parameter settings can create big improvements in throughput.

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Juno Torque Control ICs

New Low Cost Torque Control ICs Provide Field Oriented Control

The Juno MC73112, MC73112N, MC71112, and MC71112N are newly released ICs that provide torque control of 3-phase Brushless DC and DC Brush motors with advanced features such as FOC (Field Oriented Control), shunt regulation, PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) signal generation with shoot-through protection, overcurrent & overtemperature protection, braking, and more.

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S-curve vs Trapezoidal Motion Profiles

S-Curve Motion Profiles - Vital For Optimizing Machine Performance

S-curve motion profiles are vital for optimizing machine performance. In addition to providing smoother motion, S-curve motion profiles improve point to point transfer speeds by letting you tune the profile to the load.

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Motion Control Trends in Healthcare

Motion Control Technology Trends for Medical and Laboratory Applications

This paper will explore four important trends in motion control technology for applications involving medical and laboratory equipment, such as blood analyzers, DNA sequencers, chemical and biological assayers, and more. It will take you beyond raw performance and explore real and meaningful new capabilities that designers of medical and laboratory machinery can utilize in their next gen designs.

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