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Highlights and Archives of Motion Control News

Motion Control Newsletter

Motion Control News - December 2020

In this issue, using the best pumps for precision fluid handling, new outer control ICs, how to fix step motor noise, and much more.

Miniaturization of Medical

Connected Health: The Miniaturization of Medical - Part 2

Machine design experts examined the phenomenon of medical miniaturization and looked at the components and methodologies that enable a new breed of products.

Motion Control Goes Small

Motion Control Goes Small

Machine designers are often asked to build systems that take up less space and operate on less power. Read about new developments in motors, sensors, and architectures.

Outer Loop Control ICs

New Motor Control IC Integrates Outer Loop And Velocity Loop Functions

Juno MC71113, MC73113, and MC78113 ICs integrate a high-speed outer loop control function with a velocity control function for 3-phase Brushless DC and DC Brush motors.

Motion Control News August 2020

Motion Control News - August 2020

In this issue, introducing a new motion control board with UDPM, motion control problems with portable automation and mobile robotics designs, ISO 13485 certification, and more.

Lab Automation

Precision Fluid Handling: Optimizing Lab Automation Mechanics, Part II

Pumping liquid is at the core of many lab automation systems. This paper details motion control techniques used to pump fluids precisely and accurately.

Covid-19 Response

PMD Customers Respond to Covid-19 Crisis

COVID-19 has put many of the products built by PMD's customers on the front line of the response. See what solutions our customers are building to identify, treat, and prevent.

Pumping Fluids

Precision Fluid Handling: It's All In The Pump, Part I

Pumps that move liquid precisely are at the heart of many medical device and lab automation designs. Get an understanding of what types of fluid pumps work best.

Step Motor Noise

Step Motor Noise and How To Fix It

Step motors are known to be noisy and tend to vibrate when moving. This deep dive explains how you can reduce, and in some cases eliminate, step motor noise & vibration problems.

Field Oriented Control (FOC)

Field Oriented Control (FOC) - A Deep Dive

Read about the most popular motion control techniques, including FOC, for multi-phase motor control, and what control techniques work best for positioning applications.

Advanced Motion Control of Servo and Step Motors

Advanced Motion Control of Servo and Step Motors

Replay our popular webinar as two motion control experts discuss how you can use two design techniques — current, and closed-loop — to achieve advanced servo and step motor control.

Motion Control Solutions

Motion Control News - May 2020

In this issue, using the best pumps for precision fluid handling, new outer control ICs, how to fix step motor noise, and much more.

ISO 13485 Certificatioin

PMD Announces ISO 13485:2016

PMD becomes one of the first companies in the motion control industry to achieve medical device ISO 13485:2016 certification.

Machine Controller Board

New Motion Board Integrates Amplifiers and Synchronized Contouring

New Prodigy motion control boards with pre-installed UDPM provide amplifier and synchronized contouring for DC Brush, Brushless DC, and step motor applications.

Mobile and Portable Automation

Mobile and Portable Automation Demands Light, Efficient, and Cool Operation

This in-depth paper will show you how to lower the heat, weight, and power consumption of your mobile motion controls and it discusses advances in the motors themselves.