For OEMs like you, hitting your product introduction date is crucial. Some of the best decisions you can make are those that eliminate time sinks and accelerate product development.

Do-it-yourself motion control systems are notorious time sinks. What's more, whether you use in-house engineers or hire a motion-control consultant, prototyping, developing, and testing are big challenges that are likely to consume six or more months of your team’s time. And, as you know, until your motion system is developed, other contributors, such as electrical, mechanical, and software engineers, can only sit and wait for your first working board to be delivered.

It's time to leverage robust motion control development tools that simplify and accelerate development time.

  • Save NRE costs by cutting development time in half
  • Speed up motor setup, profile selection, and tuning
  • Develop software and hardware in parallel
  • Adopt a common motion architecture across your business
  • Rely on motion control experts who are there during and after implementation

Download this insightful paper to discover how Performance Motion Devices can help you get to market faster, and stay there.