C-Motion for Magellan SDK

C-Motion® is PMD's powerful and easy-to-use C-language motion control language. The C-Motion SDK includes a source library containing a convenient set of callable routines and providing all the code required for communicating to PMD motion control ICs, boards, and digital drives.

This robust, high- performance language features human-readable command names such as "SetPosition" or "GetCommandVelocity", axis virtualization, and a format that is independent of the host communication used.

C-Motion features:

  • Easily linked to any C/C++ or .NET application
  • Communicate to multiple PMD motion control ICs
  • Supports parallel, serial, CAN2.0, SPI and Ethernet communications
  • Axis virtualization
  • Supports PMD ICs, modules, and boards
  • Windows 32 and 64-bit compatibility

To download the most recent version of C-Motion for the Magellan SDK, please register to the right.

Questions? Please contact us and we'll direct your inquiry to our team of motion control experts.