C-Motion for Magellan SDK

C-Motion® is a “C” command source library containing a convenient set of callable routines and providing all the code required for communicating to PMD Corp motion processors, boards, and digital drives.

If the communication interface you need doesn’t exist, you can use C-Motion to create a custom communication interface. This robust, high-performance development tool includes axis virtualization and the ability to communicate to multiple processors.

C-Motion command library features:

  • Easily linked to any VB or C/C++ application
  • Communicate to multiple PMD Corp motion processors
  • Supports 16/16, 8/16, and 8/8 parallel communication modes
  • Supports serial communication, CAN2.0 and Ethernet
  • Supports Windows PCI driver communication mode

To download the most recent version of C-Motion for the Magellan SDK, please register to the right.

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